Nurture to Sales Membership by Aleia Walker

Nurture to Sales Membership

If you have an email list and aren't regularly sending them content, you'll never be able to launch that course. Inside the membership you'll get ...
  • weekly prompts to create emails for your list,
  • monthly focused on increasing your conversions,
  • and exclusive bonuses and discounts!

What's included?

How this Works
The Content
How This Works
4 mins
The Mojito Method, Explained
8 mins
November 19 - Flash Sales
- All the Reasons You Should Be Using Dedicated Landing Pages, Delivered by a Word & Data Nerd
9 mins
How to Use Google Analytics to Get Traffic when you Don’t Know What the #%$! you’re Looking At
10 mins
How to get the Most Amount of Traffic to your Offer When You Don’t Have a Lot of Time
10 mins