Win your Welcome Sequence Guide (Personal License) by Aleia Walker

Win your Welcome Sequence Guide (Personal License)

A set of plug and play templates to make creating your welcome sequence easy, even if writing isn't "your thing" and you don't know where to start.

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Before you even consider sending regular content to your email list, you have to introduce yourself to your audience.

Enter the welcome sequence.
The welcome sequence is the first introduction to your list. It’s explains
  • who you are,
  • what you do, 
  • and how you can help your new subscribers.

It's also the BEST opportunity to convert your leads into paying customers because ...
    » People are more engaged with you when they first join your list. If you convert them to a customer during that time they are more likely to purchase a higher offer in the future ...
    » and more likely to promote you to their customers/clients/friends,
    » and are invaluable sources of research to help you lead your business in a direction that best benefits them (and your bank account).

In the Win your Welcome Sequence guide you’ll learn repeatable, conversion ready strategy secrets like: 
  •  Jumpstarting a repeatable process to validate, create, and implement an welcome sequence strategy built to sell (so you’re never figuring out what to write again)
  •  How to create an email in 30-minutes flat (perfect for busy creatives who already have crazy long to-do lists)
  •  How to reach the person you’re designed to serve (because you know how to speak their language!)
  •  How to transform your email list from an “I-should-probably-pay-more-attention-to-this” to “I’m-literally-going-to-lose-money-if-I-don’t-pay-attention-to-this” (so you can better predict your income)   

Inside of this swipe file you'll find ...
» An 18-page guide to customizing your Welcome Sequence based on a proven conversion-ready strategy. 
   » The Mojito Method Strategy tutorial to help you write, design, and implement your strategies so you never have to start from scratch. These step-by-step instructions help you write your welcome sequence emails, even if writing isn’t your “thing.”
   » BONUS! Plug and Play your Way to Mon-ayyy, 8 editable swipe files to make creating a welcome sequence ready to convert leads to paying customers easier.

Hey! I'm Aleia Walker, an email marketing copywriter who helps creatives turned educators create marketing strategies for their products.

Win your Welcome Sequence Guide exists so that you can learn to master one of the most important tasks in your business. Communicating your value. Before you’re ready to drop serious coins on a professional copywriter, you have to learn how to create copy for yourself and your business. 

This is my way of helping you convert strangers →to paying customers → to paying customers again. You've got this.